Rankin County Tax Assessor John Sullivan Arrested For Assault Charges, Here Is An Update

John Sullivan, a long-serving Rankin County Tax Assessor, has been captured and blamed for assault.

Complete data on this case has not yet been delivered; be that as it may, the specialists might keep material for the sake of security since it is a new case. Officials might move toward the media for a refreshed outcome in the event that there is any explanation.


Who Is John Sullivan Rankin County Tax Assessor? John Sullivan is a high-positioning expense assessor in the district. He is 52 years of age, despite the fact that his real birth date has not been affirmed.

His own data presently can’t seem to be unveiled.

He is answerable for laying out the worth of all genuine and individual property in the region for charges purposes. All land and any upgrades or appurtenances connected with the ground are viewed as genuine property.

He is accountable for the district’s local charge maps, used to recognize all genuine property.

Mugshot: John Sullivan Arrested For Assault Charges As indicated by Darkhorse Press, Rankin County Tax Assessor John Sullivan has been captured on a claim of assault of an individual over the age of 16.

As per sources, the supposed occurrence occurred after the Saint Patrick’s Day march.

There isn’t much of data in the media about this case.

The Mississippi Attorney General’s Office captured Sullivan, a long-term charge assessor.

His bond is set at $30,000, as indicated by prison specialists. The date of his ensuing preliminary is obscure.

Michelle Williams, a representative for the AG’s office, declined to remark, refering to the continuous examination.

Who Is John Sullivan Wife? The personality of John Sullivan’s better half still can’t seem to be plugged in the media; in this way, It’s hazy if he’s hitched.

His youngsters are likewise obscure in light of the fact that his marriage subtleties have not been pitched in the media.

He is by all accounts an extremely held individual who doesn’t give his own subtleties to the media.

Therefore, his whole family, including his folks’ personalities, is covered up.

His family should be crushed by the information, considering he was as of late captured for assault.

What’s more, they might show up before the media to talk about the matter.

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