Why Do Men Pretend Their Age? S23 E236 Today’s Episode 3rd April 2022

Well, another weekend another episode, Neeya Naana is going to make you feel over the moon this noon. However, as you all know that Gopinath’s Neeya Naana is one of the most loved talk shows in the region and it is all because of the mind-blowing concept of the prog. We all have been watching better from one another episodes from the very first day and still, you will get the same vibe of watching because this weekend there is something even more interesting that is going to take place in the show.

Today host Gopinath will spark a funny debate about men. You must have seen or heard men after 40 try to hide their ages and pretend to be young or look as before. No doubt that they do all this just to look confident and therefore today Gopinath will make interaction with everyone asking why men do such things because aging is just a natural and mandatory process that everyone has to go through and this time the interesting topic of debate will help you to spend your day with some fun. Today’s Neeya Naana’s debate topic is, Why Do Men Pretend Their Age? So, be here till the end to know more about the show and all you are going to watch this time.

Show’s popularity idea you can assume by the number of seasons and episodes that the show has completed so far. Till now the Neeya Naana has completed 22 super amazing seasons and currently going on air with its 23rd season when it comes to talking about episodes all over so it came to the notice that it has completed 235 episodes overall and today it will be the 236th episode that will take you to another level of intelligence. Though you will hardly find someone who says that he or she does not watch the show but usually most people do watch the show and enjoy as well.

In the previous episode, we watched a heated argument on Customers and Customer Care where we got to know about the struggles of customer care while dealing with customers. No doubt that the episode was amazingly awesome and this time we will watch a funny debate over, Why Do Men Pretend Their Age? Gopinath mediates a fun-filled talk on men after 40 who pretend to be young and their wife’s take on it. Later, actor Prem graces the show. So, don’t forget to watch the episode and stay tuned with us to get more updates on entertainment.

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