Where Are Stephen Lindsay & Kaleb Charters Today? Tushar Atre Suspect Arrested For Robbery & Murder

In 2019, Tushar Atre was snatched from his home in California. Atre was an effective tech and pot business person who had his pot fabricating office.

In the wake of being snatched, his dead body was found at his pot office. Police couldn’t interface his homicide to any suspects yet upon examination with all of his colleagues and staff, two names came up Stephen Lindsay, and Kaleb Charters.


The two of them were Atre’s previous specialists and they were the excellent suspects in his homicide.

Who Are Stephen Lindsay And Kaleb Charters? Meet Tushar Atre Suspect Stephen Lindsay and Kaleb Charters are the excellent suspects in Tushar Atre’s snatching and murder. They were likewise his representatives and worked at one of his pot offices.

Lindsay, 24, is initially from Burbank while Charters, 21, is from St. Clair Shores, Michigan. Both of them alongside two others intended to steal the weed mogul however things turned out badly bringing about the demise of Tushar Atre.

During the examination, specialists figured out Lindsay and Charters worked at one of Atre’s offices however just for a brief period. Nonetheless, even in that period, there developed hostility between them.

Lindsay and Charters lost Atre’s vehicle keys which brought about him halting their checks. Afterward, Atre caused them to do pushups and different exercises before other colleagues. After they got their installments, the two remaining.

Where Could Stephen Lindsay And Kaleb Charters Today be? Are They Still In Jail Stephe Lindsay and Kaleb Charters are right now kept a the Santa Cruz County Jail, California. Whenever indicted, they will carry out a daily existence punishment at a California State Correctional Facility.

The two alongside Kaleb’s brother, Kurtis Charters, and Joshua James Camps, were accused of homicide, hijacking, first-degree theft, second-degree theft, grabbing to perpetrate another wrongdoing, carjacking, and first-degree thievery.

They have been accused of an aggregate of seven counts and face up to life detainment. According to reports, they might have served without the chance of parole also.

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