Who Is Sass Rogando Sasot? Find Out Her Real Name And Wikipedia Bio

A LGBTQ Activist, Sass Rogando Sasot, a Filipina situated in the Netherlands, was born in 2001.

Backtalk was the principal Filipino transient understudy to get the ECHO prize, granted to remarkable and potential traveler students consistently.


From various sources, it is unveiled that she is a left-given and dyslexic contemplative person who appreciates perusing, voyaging, composing sonnets, moving, paying attention to music, watching motion pictures, strolling, and cooking.

Investigate Sass Rogando Sasot Before And After Pics From His Transitioning Backtalk Rogando Sasot is a glad transsexual lady from the LGBTQ people group. She as of late had a changing into female precisely, and individuals are looking to search for the when photos of the political writer.

As her outside body lines up with her inner self-perception, this distinction becomes less and less. At 12 years old, she started taking chemicals.

On the counsel of a few more established trans individuals at school, she would self-sedate with Logentrol, the least expensive anti-conception medication pill accessible at that point.

The strength of the separation diminished as she took a greater amount of it she shared. Backtalk was really glad when she felt the distress related with chest improvement.

What Is Sass Rogando Sasot Real Name Before Turning Female? Backtalk Rogando Sasot’s genuine original name isn’t referenced on the web; along these lines, her genuine name has generally been something similar when the medical procedure.

Sasot had genital remaking a medical procedure a couple of years prior, orientation reassignment medical procedure, and orientation affirmation medical procedure. She never felt caught by her body or something wasn’t right with it.

She shares that after the specialist established that she was a kid assessing her private part, she was raised as a male by her loved ones. Backtalk never felt like a male; rather, she cherished being female and recognized herself thusly.

Who Exactly Is Sass Rogando Sasot? Wikipedia Bio Sasot Rogando Sasot, 20 years of age, is a political blogger, feature writer, and global relations researcher; notwithstanding, she isn’t accessible on the Wikipedia website.

Sasot procured a BA in Business Administration in Human Resource Management from the Open University of Hong Kong.

Not just that, she Combined a Major in World Politics and Global Justice and a minor in International Development from Leiden University College. It was with courses taken at UCLA and a MA in International Relations from Leiden University, which she as of late finished.

She shows classes at Maastricht University in International Relations, Negotiation Skills, and Policy Analysis.

Backtalk was a fellow benefactor of the Philippines’ first transsexual freedoms association, the Society of Transsexual Women of the Philippines.

Not just that, Sasot was the main transsexual lady to talk before the United Nations General Assembly in New York in December 2009.

She got the 2014 Harry Benjamin Distinguished Education and Campaigning Award from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health 2014.

This work was made to perceive her critical commitments to transsexual correspondence and freedoms support.

She was the principal Filipina transgender lady to have a customary remark piece in a Philippine distribution in 2017.

How Old Is Sass Rogando Sasot? Age And Instagram Revealed Backtalk Rogando Sasot was born in 2001 and is around 20 years of age at this point in 2022 according to sources,

Sasot is accessible on Instagram under the username of @sasssasot.

She refreshes her Instagram bio as Studying World Politics and Global Justice in The Hague with two posts.

Not just that, she has 711 supporters on this social stage with eight followings.

Backtalk doesn’t refresh her site everyday with her private things and pictures.

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