Who Is Momoispimpin? Watch Viral Deleted Viral TikTok Video Check Real Name?

Another Tik Tok star who went viral on Social Media named Momoispimpin after one of her videos went viral on the Internet. Well, the video has been posted by the online personality herself wherein she is being tasered by the police official. However, the video later has been deleted by the user so far. At the time the video was set off on the Internet, it has been recorded by some of the users and even shared on other social networking sites and even now it is being shared rapidly by users. Get more information on Momoispimpin’s viral video.

According to the latest updates, the online star got stunned when one of the cops used the electronic combative device with 50,000 volts of electricity. All of her followers were extremely shocked after seeing the video and giving various kinds of reactions. The official account of Momoispimpin is being followed by around 12.2k other accounts. Along with that, her videos have received more than 355.6likes. Momo is retaining its silence on the entire matter and hasn’t shared much about the incident.

As of now, only 2 video clips are available on her account. In one of the two videos featuring the star wherein, she is styling her hair. Whereas in another video she is shaking a bottle of water to freeze it. The third deleted video covers her encounter with the police and getting tasered by the police trending on the Internet and getting diversified reactions. As we informed you multiple times that the video has been deleted by the user after posting it but till then it was recorded by other users and even shared on other platforms due to which the video went viral and now becoming one of the prominent topics of the Internet.

If we talk more about the video, Momo was sitting in her car at the time when a police officer approached her and asks her to come out of her car. The officer further asks her to open the door and take her seat belt off. Another officer approached her seems to hold a gun and continuously asked her to put her phone down, however, Momo disobeyed her. The police officer saw saying that it was for her safety but she refused to obey her. The police officer then tasered her. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.

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