Who Is Lewishena Lavonia Browning? Tyre Sampson Fake Cousin Shay Johnson Exposed

Tire Sampson’s phony cousin Shay Johnson whose genuine name is Lewishena Lavonia Browning was attempting to cheat individuals by setting up a phony GoFundMe account.

Tire Sampson was the high schooler who lost his life in an appalling mishap at ICON park recently, he tumbled from a 430 feet FreeFall ride as the magnets drew in to dial the ride coming back as per Daily Mail.


As the sad misfortune began showing up on the web, con artists appears to have tracked down a chance to rip individuals off their cash for the sake of gifts to the group of the adolescent.

Shay Johnson who made a GoFundMe account and said was a cousin of Tire is found to have no binds with the expired or the family as indicated by Orlando Sentinel.

Allow us to become familiar with Tire Sampson’s phony cousin and investigate Shay otherwise known as Lewishena’s age and Facebook.

Who Is Tire Sampson Fake Cousin Shay Johnson Aka Lewishena Lavonia Browning? Tire Sampson’s phony cousin Shay Johnson has been recognized as a lady named Lewishena Lavonia Browning as per Orlando Sentinel.

She was seen external the Orlando FreeFall fighting by wearing a picture of Tire on her shirt and requesting equity. She additionally addressed the media acting like a family delegate.

As questions about her professes to be Tire’s cousin rose, writers and specialists talked with the family just to figure out she has no binds with the family in any capacity.

Lewishena was subsequently distinguished as a lady from Orlando by the specialists, she recently worked in an Orlando grown-up amusement club called Flash Dancers as a performer for a considerable length of time prior to being terminated because of her misdirection.

She is no more interesting to misdirection, Browning has spent time in jail in Orange County prisons on many events, including for aggressive behavior at home and driving with a suspended or disavowed permit. She offered an agent who pulled her over a false name and ID during a capture in April 2020.

What Is Shay Johnson Aka Lewishena Lavonia Browning Age? Shay Johnson whose genuine name is Lewishena Lavonia Browing is 32 years of age starting at 2022.

The supposed cousin of 14-year-old Tire has not uncovered anything about her birthday on the web yet.

She is a local of Orlando, the region where the awful demise of Tire occurred after he tumbled from a recreation area ride on March 24, 2022.

Meet Shay Johnson On Facebook Shay Johnson’s Facebook profile isn’t accessible yet.

She could have deactivated her web-based entertainment accounts after her cover was blown as of late.

Notwithstanding, she has been moving on the online entertainment stage as of late, as individuals are posting news about her on Facebook.

Moreover, her contact subtleties and telephone numbers are likewise separated and Johnson is on the run as you read this article.

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