Who Is Advocate Satish Uke? Why Is He Arrested? Check Wiki Biography Charges

Satish Uke retaining himself in the headlines after the huge raid has been executed in the house of the lawyer. Uke is popularly recognized for commencing an advertising and marketing campaign against the BJP leader of the Opposition named Devendra Fadnavis during the 2014 elections. The raid has been executed under the leadership of The Enforcement Directorate named Parvati Nagar at the residence of Satish Uke along with his brother named Pradeep Uke on 31st March 2022, Thursday morning. The interrogation had been concluded with the arrest of the advocate and the officer took for the investigation. Get more information on Advocate Satish Uke’s cause of arrest.

As we informed above, the Enforcement Directorate carried out a raid at the house of the popular advocate named Satish Uke ended with the arrest of the lawyer. As of now, he is in the custody of the officer for interrogation. Along with the team of the Enforcement Directorate, members of CRPF and state police arrived at the house of the lawyer in the early hours of Thursday at around 5 PM and started their investigation. They flipped the entire house upside down and in the end, they detained the advocate.

Satish Uke started earning an enormous amount of fame at the time he launched a campaign that was marketing against one of the BJP leaders named Devendra Fadnavis during the 2014 elections. Along with that lawyers also filed petitions two times against the leader as well. Well, the lawyer is again collecting headlines after the recent raid at his and his brother’s house. The news went viral all over social media and people are getting curious to learn more about the entire state and the cause of the arrest of the lawyer.

Some of the unversed people are even want to know more about the identity of the lawyer. Well, Satish Uke is a renowned lawyer from Pune who’s accepted to practise in quite a lot of district and extreme courts. At the beginning of this year, the lawyer files a petition for a software program with the Bombay High Court, pleading compensation for the household of CBI Judge B.H. Loya, who handed away on 1 December 2014 in Nagpur.

He was arrested because of the investigation into multiple suspected crimes that took place 17 years ago than now. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest updates.

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