Watch Anupamaa 2nd April 2022 Episode Written Update: Kavya Taunts Vanraj

The latest written update of Anupamaa starts with Anuj getting surprised to see Bapuji, Devika, Mamaji, Kinjal, and Samar at the doorstep with Anu. Bapuji jokingly calls Anu a donkey. GK does not like the joke. He lashes out at Bapuji for disrespecting Anu. Bapuji feels bad and apologizes to him. He tells him that he has forgotten that he is from the bride’s side of the family. Anuj gets worried. On another side, Vanraj fails to convince the client and recalls Malvika’s deadline. He gets tense thinking about it.

Here, in Shah’s family, GK and Bapuji laugh at Anuj for making him an April fool. Later, Anuj and Anu pretend to fight with each other. Everyone gets tense looking at them. The couple bursts into laughter saying even they succeeded in making them fool. Everyone laughs. In the next scene, Bapuji apologizes to Anuj for waking him up early. He says that the ritual of Muhurat is in the early morning.

Anuj thinks Bapuji is fooling him again and refuses to believe it. Bapuji calls him a donkey in real life and says that he can not let him marry his daughter. Anuj gets tense and asks him not to go without fixing the wedding date. He rushes to get ready. Here, Kavya questions Vanraj why doe he not join another company if he is facing complications with Malvika’s company. Kavya tells him that he is just wasting his time.

Vanraj asks Kavya if she is taunting him. Kavya says that she is just showing him a mirror. Vanraj gets angry and asks her to cut the bullshit. Kavya says that Vanraj wanted to make Anuj a zero but ended up being a zero himself. Vanraj shouts at her. Vanraj asks Kavya to find another partner if she does not trust him. He adds that he is the real hero of the story. Kavya leaves saying he can live in his bubble.

On another side, GK performs Aarti. While doing so, he gets emotional. Mamaji teases him for getting emotional. GK says that he got emotional after seeing Anu and Anuj’s love story getting completed. He asks him to talk about the marriage now. Later, GK announces that he can not let the marriage ceremony take place at Shah’s house. In the next scene, Bapuji performs Anuj and Anu’s Shagun ritual. Stay tuned to this space for more updates.

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