Udaariyaan 2nd April 2022 Episode Written Update Fateh Comes Closer To Tejo

The upcoming episode of Udaariyaan is bringing a high voltage drama for the audience where you will stream that finally, Jasmine has turned into her previous side as she was only pretending to be nice, but a phrase accurately sets on her that “Chameleon does not forget to change its color” and somewhere Jasmine is pointing it right. As she again started following the same track to destroy Fateh at any cost, because she has recalled all those circumstances again under which, she could not leave the country for Canada due to Fateh, hence she has decided to ruin him.

Meanwhile, Jasmine says that through the commemoration of further festivals she will execute her conspiracy under the shed of her goodness, while nothing is good with her as her evil side has been revived again. But somewhere, Jasmine is thinking about Tejo because despite having uncounted issues with her, she cares for her and this is the reason she does not want to hurt her. But if she again comes in front of her at the time of her conspiracy then she will become helpless and unwillingly she will have to hurt her, so, therefore, she prays so that, Tejo could make her path away.

Amidst all these, Jasmine is recalling all those golden moments which she had spent with Fateh and spontaneously she hits by those memories as well which became the cause of her unhappiness. Because while playing the game Fateh destroyed her passport despite knowing that it was made only once by the embassies. Therefore, Jasmine is ready to take her revenge at any cost, because no matter what happens she will not forgive Fateh. Because if he had not torn her passport so now her life would be totally different than her expectation, so this is the prime reason behind her changing nature.

On the other hand, under the condition of Intoxication Fateh and Tejo have come closer to each other, in short, this Holi brought uncounted happiness for the two as they were looking ahead to make themselves blessed with all joy together in the future after marrying. Soo now as they have come closer to each other while locked in the room. So, therefore, many chances are popping out that they are going to get married soon, so let’s see what will happen the next and do not miss streaming it on Colors at the correct schedule and for further details stay tuned with us

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