Tyre Sampson Fell From Ride 430ft ICON Park Drop Tower Video

According to a preliminary accident report, Tyre Sampson, the teenager who died in a fall from an Orlando thrill ride Thursday night, may have been too heavy for the ride. Yes, the 14-year-old boy was 6 feet, 5 inches tall, and weighed over 300 pounds when he plummeted from his seat at the Orlando Free Fall Ride, located in Icon Park. It is being said that the ride could not bear the teenager’s weight eventually led to his unfortunate death. Needless to say, the incident was shocking since the boy just wanted to have a good time.

Last Thursday, Tyre Sampson died after falling from the FreeFall drop tower at ICON Park on International Drive, which sees riders hoisted 430 feet in the air before being forcefully dropped at speeds of up to 75 mph, resulting in tremendous G-forces. As per reports, just as magnets activated to slow the ride down, the teenager appeared to come out of the seat as well. The reports are also claiming that the locking mechanism on Tyre’s seat was functional but it was the weight of the teen boy that caused his untimely death. Everyone is shocked to learn about the incident.

The boy got out of his seat when the magnets activated. When the ride came to a halt, the harness was still down and locked,’ according to a part of the operator’s report to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ fair rides section, which is investigating the accident. According to the reports, the ride had a maximum weight limit of 287lbs but Trey weighed closer to 350lbs which eventually became the cause of his unfortunate demise. Now, the debate is ongoing about the operator allowing the kid to ride when the instruction manual to the ride clearly explains that a person more than 285lbs should not be allowed to ride.

Tyre’s father, Yarnell Sampson, shared his despair on Monday as relatives filed a petition for the ride to be closed permanently. Yarnell, who is currently grieving his son’s sudden death, wished that he was there at the incident and added that he was too young to have died. Tyre’s father said that he wants to know what happened to his son and why was he shipped in a white bag home. Currently, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the death. The FreeFall Ride was opened in December 2021 only and it is closed for now.

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