Toronto Mom Kelly Hamilton Accident Video What Happened To Her? Cause of Death

Well, no doubt that road rage crashes have been increased in the past months, and recently come news has shaken so many people that a mother of three died. Well, we are sad to announce that Kelly Hamilton, a Toronto resident who used to work in the fashion industry has died and her death news has shaken so many people and now her loved ones and well-wishers are mourning her death across the nation and whoever is reading about the incident are crying and the pain is also double because she was the mother of three. Well, if you are searching for her personal details so as per the sources we got to know that she was 43 years old at the time of her demise.

Recently a horrible accident occurred in Etobicoke, where a total of three people died and Kelly Hamilton was one of the two pedestrians who got killed in the crash. According to the sources it came to known that Mrs. Hamilton was crossing the street to go to her sister’s house when she was struck and killed by a vehicle. The Toronto Police Department later confirmed that a 36-year-old man was driving the car and when it was investigated so it came to know that his license was suspended due to medical complications. The 36 years old man due to whom the accident occurred and two people died was also the one who died later on the spot. Along with Kelly Hamilton, there was also a 75-year-old man who died on the spot.

On the internet, it is being searched that who was Kelly Hamilton? what happened to her, and how did she die? Amid so many questions people are getting keen along with the grief that what exactly happened there that led to the accident and due to the condition 3 people died where Kelly Hamilton was the one of two the pedestrian and the driver was the 3rd one to die in the crash. As it is also being searched that who was driving the car in Toronto accident so as per the confirmation of Toronto police department it came to know that Omar Downy of Toronto is the one who was driving from eastbound on Lake Shore Boulevard West near Eighth Street when he collided with a parked car and acquired right here to a whole stop. May her soul rest in heaven.

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