Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today’s Episode 2nd April 2022 Will Reema prove Simar’s innoncency?

With every day the show Sasural Simar Ka 2 is turning more dramatic and interesting. Well, as you all know that Gajendra is perhaps getting his memory back and if you are thinking that now the show will go in a positive direction then we would love to let you know one thing that you are absolutely wrong, however, it sounds like a joke but it is true because Sasural Simar Ka 2 is going to have some more drama and upcoming twists will give you another reason to be stuck to your screens.

So, the latest episode of SSK2 begins with, Reema talking to Simar who tells her that it is her Sasural and no one can stop her from staying in the house because it is her right and no one can snatch it from her. Reema then looks at her and assures them not to be worried because this time her elder sister is with her and no one can even dare to throw her out of the house. Vivaan comes there and says that he has watched the CCTV footage where he saw Tau Ji and the most shocking thing is, that Tau Ji was not scared of Gagan but someone else, even Tau Ji called him but Aditi took him from there. Aditi there says that she knew it from the very beginning and in fact, he helped her to take Gajendra inside the room she is trying to let everyone know but no one is believing her.

Vivaan looks at her saying “don’t worry we all are here and we will not let them decide who is the culprit”. Simar says that she knew that her brother did not go there with any bad intention and Mata Rani knows it and she will help them to prove Gagan’s innocence. Meanwhile, Reema says that everything has happened already because they have pointed their fingers at them and they are already blamed for everything that happened in the past few days.

Simar says that she did not add that bhang in the Thandai, Reema consoles her saying she believes that she did not there to add bhang in Thandai and soon she will prove it to everyone. Aditi then asks them who invited DJ Samar to the party, Vivaan says that he will ask Badi Maa about it. Well, the episode ends here to stay tuned to get more written updates on the show.

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