How Did Joyce Culla Die? TikTok Star Cause of Death What Happened To Her? Wiki Biography Videos

Another death news of the significant Social Media star named Joyce Culla shocked the entire platform. The online personality is considered one of the prime users of the video-sharing platform and is now receiving heartbreaking tributes from all of her fans. The news getting shared rapidly all over the web and other significant social media platforms because of which the news is trending on the Internet. She has accumulated a huge fan base since she joined Tik Tok and now all of them are mourning her death. Get more information on Joyce Culla’s death cause.

As we informed earlier that the horrific news of Joyce’s untimely demise is surfacing across the web and netizens are quite eager to learn about the events of the circumstances under which she took her last breath. As in all of her videos, she was looking happy and content and this news has just shocked her family and fans. She took her last breath on 2 April 2022 and was 24 years of his age at the time of her death. All of her family members and friends are receiving condolence from all over the world and are immersed in sorrow.

If we talk more about the famous personality, so, along with being a Tik Tok star she was also a registered nurse who is just excellent in her work. In addition to this, her tragic death took place in some painful circumstances as before death she was hospitalized at Mount Carmel Hospital located in Lucena. She was hospitalized in critical condition due to a ruptured brain aneurysm. The Tik Tok star then proceeded with surgery but woefully she went into a coma that complicates the entire situation. Later, she passed away leaving her household and fans devastated and heartbroken.

Joyce Kula is a renowned online personality who amassed a colossal fan base with her entertaining videos. She created her account in July 2019 after she got separated from her boyfriend. She started gaining ground with her ‘Taki Taki’ video in December 2020. Her Tik Tok account is being followed by 1.6 million followers, alongside her Facebook account has fetched 39K followers and Instagram has 28,900 followers.

Lately, she is trending on Twitter as well due to the recent unpleasant event of her death. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family members. May the humble soul will find its way to paradise. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and updates.


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