How Did Bunny Simpson Die? Check Cause Of Death Member of Reggae Group Mighty Diamonds Fitzroy

One of the prominent members Fitzroy Simpson well known as Bunny belonged to the most legendary music band named The Mighty Diamond passed away lately. All the fans of the band are immensely sad after learning about this awful news. It is being said that he was suffering from a brief illness that claimed his life. His health was deteriorating continuously which led to his untimely death. It was the second member of the three members band who passed away lately. As of now, all the fans of the band member are sharing their condolence with their family members. Get more information on Fitzroy Simpson’s death and death cause.

According to the latest updates, the prominent death reasons for his death are still unclear. It is being assumed that his family member will soon come up with the info that will reveal the major cause of the musician’s death. As of now, Lloyd Ferguson well-known Judge is the only member of the band who is alive. The rest of the two members have already passed away. The iconic trio set the new benchmark for the band.

Who Was Bunny Simpson?

If we talk more about The Mighty Diamonds, it is the Jamaican Harmony Trio that discovered the band along with firm Rastafarian influence. The incredible band has been discovered in 1969 and the group was united till 2012. The group earned much hype with their debut album titled ‘Right Time’. In addition to this, if we talk more about the position of the members, Shaw was the lead vocalist of the band along with Bunny and Judge providing harmony vocals. The names of the members have been tagged with The Diamond over the years and delivered back to back chartbuster songs.

Later, the band come up with another song titled Pass the Kutchie penned down by written by Ferguson and Simpsons emerged as an international hit and that is too by two times. It was released in 1982 for the very first time however, the album gets changed at the time it was covered by Musician Youth with changed lyrics to delete the drug reference and with a changed title ‘Pass the Dutchie’.

The trio of The Mighty Diamond delivered more than 40 albums throughout their career and most of them were achieved incredible success. The band has even been acknowledged with multiple local and international honours. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family members of Bunny. May the humble soul finds its way to paradise. Stay tuned to Social Telecast for more information.

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