Food Delivery Boy Thrashes Woman For Assaulting Her Boyfriend In Odisha Viral Video

Nowadays, on social networking sites uncounted viral footages are coming to the fore, but not all the time something inappropriate contains by the incidents, sometimes these videos turn into controversy as well. Something similar is again coming to the fore from Bhubhnashwar (India) yes you heard right, a terrifying video is making the huge rounds on social media, by which a meals provider boy is probably seen thrashing a woman in broad daylight. So now as the video is being watched by the users’ numerous reactions are popping out, so below you could get everything along with some unknown facts.

As per the exclusive reports or sources, only a few hours passed after sharing the video and despite this, uncounted reactions have been spotted on it. Because as soon as everyone is watching the video their immense reactions are coming out, as something too contentious occurred with the women which have been recorded by the Camera. Besides all these, numerous are sharing their perspectives as per the understanding, so to analyze the entire circumstance you will have to stream the video, as it is making the rapid rounds on social networking sites like a wildfire.

Reportedly, following her exit from Indira Gandhi Park the girl is claimed to get into a furious quarrel collectively together with her lover and is clearly appearing while abusing and beating her boyfriend because the camera was placed next to the Park through which, everything has been recorded. Midst all these, she rushed away to bring a stone to hit him as well, but due to stopping of rest of the people, she throw it away. But the actions she made are truly condemning because no one has a right to create some obstacles, especially in the public area.

On social networking sites, the video is making rapid rounds while grabbing huge reactions, because whenever something controversial comes into the limelight it enhances the interest of uncounted people as well to know everything behind the scene. But as you could watch the video that there is no need to mention anything as the footage is speaking out about everything. On Twitter, the video is being shared by the users to make others familiarized with those circumstances that she made. So here we have mentioned some details which have been derived from the other trusted sources, and if you want to get a bit deeper then you could watch the video.

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