Creature With Claws Washes Up On Australian Beach Video Images

Every day several videos go viral on social media and catch the attention of the netizens. From strange to hilarious to bizarre, plenty of videos occupy the internet on a daily basis. Well, one such video has become the subject of interest. It features a mysterious creature washed up on a beach in Australia’s Queensland. A local going by the name, Alex Tan, posted the video first on his official Instagram handle. It has spread on the internet now and has become the subject of interest among many. Check complete details here.

It is reported that a local man named Alex Tan shared a video of the bizarre critter on his Instagram account. A reptilian-like cranium, flabby limbs, a lengthy tail, and claws appear on the creature. During a morning walk on the beach in Maroochydore, Alex says he came across the creature. The man is heard saying in the video that he has stumbled across something weird. He adds that this is like one of those things you see when people claim they have found aliens. After briefing the animal, the man pans the camera to show the creature.

The camera shows a strange creature lying on the sand while flies are seen crawling on the creature and buzzing around it. Alex went on to describe the creature as a “de-haired” possum and said that he has never seen anything like this before and that it was quite different. Towards the end of the video, Alex described the creature as “Extra-terrestrial”, referred to as alien life, which is hypothetical life that may occur outside Earth and which did not originate on Earth. Within the upload of the post, it went viral and became the talk of the town.

People started commenting on the post while tagging wildlife experts including Steve Irwin’s daughter Bindi, an Australian legend, for their opinion on what the creature is. On another side, some people commented that it looked like a wallaby. Needless to say, video has become a hot topic on social media right now. It has amassed lakhs of views in a very short course of time which speaks volumes about it. Both the man and the video have become the topic of debate online. Well, it is not the first time when such kinds of videos have surfaced online, plenty of clips have gone viral earlier too. Stay tuned to this space for more updates!

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