Tina Dabi New Husband After With Divorce Athar Amir Khan, Pradeep Gawande Is Also An IAS Officer

Tina has generally been an achiever since her school life. She was the very first Scheduled Caste lady to get the first position in the IAS test. She got 1063 marks out of 2025.

She has had a profound interest in the Constitution of India and Indian governmental issues since her school days. Netizens are attempting to figure out additional about her as there is insight about her commitment is all around the media.


IAS: Tina Dabi Husband and Children – Why Did She Divorce Athar Amir Khan? Tina Dabi got hitched to Athar Amir Khan in court on 20 March 2018 and by strict custom on 7 April 2018. The couple initially met in 2015 at the IAS felicitation function at the DoPT office in Delhi.

They experienced passionate feelings for during their IAS preparing at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy for Administration in Mussoorie. They went on an outing to Netherland, Paris, and Rome together.

Following two years of their marriage, they recorded a separation in a Jaipur family court in November 2020. Notwithstanding, the purpose for their separation has not been uncovered to them.

They had no kids from their marriage. Presently, Tina has wanted to get hitched once more. We trust this time she has observed her first love with whom she would use the remainder of her life. Our desires to the couple.

Have any familiarity with Tina Dabi Engagement And Wedding Plans To Pradeep Gawande The virtual entertainment is brimming with remarks o Tina Dabi’s commitment and weeding with Pradeep Gawande. She has chosen to tie a bunch for the second time in her life. We praise her!

Her better half to-be and her age distinction are 13 years. Indeed, age is only a number, the significant thing is to stay content with one another. What’s more, the image of Tina and Pradeep shows how cheerful they are together

Tina has posted her image with her life partner with the inscription, “I’m wearing the grin you gave me.” Her money is a Director in Archeology and Museum Rajasthan.

Meet Tina Dabi Family Tina Dabi was born to her folks Jaswant Dabi and Himani Dabi. Her dad was General Manager of BSNL, and her mom was previous Indian Engineering Services.

She has a sister named Ria Dabi, who is more youthful than her. She got hitched to Anthar Aamir Khan on 20 March 2018 be that as it may, the couple got separated in 2021. She has a couple of photos of her family posted on her Instagram page.

There are many meetings directed with her where she shared her youth stories and family issues. She was born a virtuoso. She got 100 percent in Political Science and History in her twelfth standard ICSE board tests and was the ‘Understudy of the Year’ from Lady Shri Ram College.

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