Nick Lachey Get Violent with Female Photographer? Check Video Footage Actor Responds on Twitter

The famous American based singer named Nicholas Scott Lachey well known as Nick Lachey is getting surrounded by controversy nowadays. After he has been alleged for violent behaviour toward a female photographer. The news went viral all over the Internet, however, some people have been started criticising the singer whereas some others decide to break their silence after learning about all the details of the events. As of now, the popular singer is refusing all the charges he has been alleged with but at the same time, he was claiming that he was harassed. Gather more information Did Nick Lachey Get violent with a female photographer.

One of the prominent sources of media is claiming that the television personality was involved in a violent brawl with a female photographer. Although the woman hasn’t been identified so far and even the information didn’t even release by the media source. Along with that it has been claimed by the same media house that the entire nuisance took place without any reason. As we mentioned above that the news is getting viral with each passing second because of the disorderly conduct of the ‘One Tree Hill’ actor nowadays.

Well, some of the images of actors from the incident are also surfacing on the web wherein the actor featured seems to snatch the mobile phone of a person. Nick has been accused of barging into the car window and snatching the phone out of the hands of the person. The renowned personality later cursed the female photographer. All of the photos and videos have been revealed by the reputed information source. Netizens are also believing in the story because of the reputation of the information source. It is considered one of the trustworthy sources nowadays.

The news organization claimed that the versatile personality was provoked when a female photographer seems her fan trying to take his pictures. The 48 years old then petrified the woman with his violent actions when he tried to pound through the window and grabbed the phone of the female photographer. He forcefully tried to enter her car and tried to thrash the phone.

The footage of the entire incident was recorded by the victim herself who added that the actor even used strong words for him. The entire incident took place on the 27th of March Sunday and ever since the actor is collecting criticism over the Internet. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.

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