Man Urges Residents To Call The Cops On His Wife After Their Teenage Maid Was Found Crying Outside At Midnight After She Was Locked Out (Video)

A video has captured the moment a househelp was seen in the middle of the night crying outside as she was locked out by her madam.

Locals who saw the girl named Blessing crying at about 12:18am banged on the gate of the compound where she lives in Asaba, Delta state.

The husband, identified as Gabriel, came out and said he had no idea their maid was outside.

He explained that when he asked his wife about their help, she said she has no idea where she was, so he assumed she was sleeping inside.

The locals told the man that they have it in mind to call the police and the husband said he would prefer it that way.

He added that if they had come with the police, he would  have handed his wife over to them.

“If you brought police with you, I’d be very happy. I’ll take her and hand over to them. She has been maltreating this girl,”
the husband said of his wife.

He added: “Take the girl home, no. Very wicked woman.”

Crying, the maid revealed that even when her madam came out to change over, she saw her outside but went back inside and locked her outside.

The husband added that his wife sent out Blessing to sell drinks for her then locked her out when she came back.

“She hasn’t given her food since morning o,”
he added.

“Nancy Nwaka,”
is her name, the husband told the locals and asked them to do whatever they want about his wife’s action.

As the husband returned to his compound, the locals promised to return with welfare officials in the morning.

Watch The Video Below;

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