Jesse Richards Texas Army Veteran Shot To Death, Where Is Killer Daniel Jeremy Torres Now?

David Alexander Zuniga and his stepbrother Daniel Jeremy Torres Jr. killed Jesse Lee Richards, a Texas Army veteran while planning to loot him.

On December 20, 2015, Jesse was sitting tight for a transport at around 10 p.m. in the 400 square of Porter Street.

In any case, the case shut down after the jury tracked down David Alexander Zuniga, 18, at legitimate fault for the homicide of the 28-year-elderly person, who was tracked down lying on Porter Street, shrouded in a pool of blood.

Presently, recollecting the Army veteran, permit yourself to go through his eulogy.

Genuine Conviction: Jesse Richards Obituary Jesse Lee Richards was the glad and most seasoned child of his mom Kelly Hartman of York, Nebraska.

Around 90 days before he was killed, Jesse Lee Richards had moved to San Antonio from Georgetown.

As a U.S. Armed force veteran, he had served three visits in Iraq.

Being the most seasoned child of the family, he had two more youthful brothers and a sister.

Jesse was not dead on the spot yet was subsequently articulated dead in the wake of being taken to San Antonio Military Medical Center.

Texas Army Veteran Shot To Death Jesse Richards a 28-year-elderly person was shot dead while sitting at a bus station on the East Side.

David Alexander Zuniga, 18, was seen as at legitimate fault for homicide for the demise of the U.S. Armed force veteran who served three visits in Iraq.

As per reports, Richards had recently finished his work day at the Texas Road House off Southeast Military Drive and was trusting that his ride will return home.

Where Could The Killer Daniel Jeremy Torres Now be? After a few preliminaries, David Alexander Zuniga uncovered that he was not the one to shoot. Rather, Daniel undermined him to acknowledge the homicide saying he will hurt his mom.

As indicated by David’s protection lawyer Kenneth E. Cook, Daniel Torres was an insane, rough, and capricious man.

Running against the norm, Torres was accused of homicide. Yet, denied association and simply conceded to being at the location of the shooting.

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