How Did Mira Calix Die? Check Her Cause of Death Complex Electronic Musician Dead

South African British artist Mira Calix has passed away. Warp Records, the musician’s label, confirmed her death. Taking to social media, the label paid tribute to the late electronic musician. They addressed Mira as a talented artist who touched the lives of everyone she worked with and added that she was a great and caring human being. Warp Records further wrote that the late artist had been a huge part of Warp’s family and history as one of the first female artists signed to the label. Here is everything we know about her cause of death.

Following the announcement of the saddening piece of news, netizens flooded social media with tributary posts and condolences messages. Everyone was stunned to learn about her sudden and unfortunate passing. Along paying the artist sincere respects and tributes, people also searched for her cause of death. However, the label did not reveal any details surfacing Mira Calix’s sudden death. Neither her family nor her team has shared anything about it as of now. The only thing that is known is that Mira Calix died on Monday, March 28, 2022, and left her near and dear ones to mourn.

Who Was Mira Calix?

Born in 1970, in South Africa, Mira Calix’s real name was Chantal Francesca Passamonte. She was British-based audio and visual artist who was signed to Warp Records, a British independent record label founded in Sheffield in 1989 by Rob Mitchell, Steve Beckett, and Robert Gordon. Earlier, her music was exclusively electronic but it was from the 2000s onwards when she started writing for classical instrumentation as well.

Mira often said that she considered sound a sculptural material. In her early musical career, her music specialized in mixing her vocals with beats and electronic textures along with natural sounds. Mira first worked under the said company as a publicist. She used to promote club nights and did DJ sets. It is no doubt to state that the artist was well-known for exploring the endless possibilities of electronic music.

Calix had a broad style of creating songs by combining neo-classical, ambient, noise, and other forms of sound. In 2000, Calix released her first traditional album format under the title “One on One”. Her last album was titled “Absent Origin” which was released last year. It had garnered praises from the critics. Undoubtedly, Mira Calix established a name for herself in the music industry that will always be remembered by everyone.

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