Homie Hopper Tiktok Song Lyrics & Meaning, Trend Behind The Now Famous Sound From The Internet

Each and every other day a recent fad advances on TikTok, making it an acclimated design.

Some of the time the Wellerman pattern, VHS channel, Touch its test, and no chance I can think of all. The substance is endlessly heaps of patterns have gone back and forth in the short-cut making stage till now.


Also, one among a few ongoing patterns is making a video on the viral tune “Home slice Hopper.”

The viral sound has its perspectives in millions, and the hashtag has gotten in excess of 26 million perspectives. In any case, the number is climbing.

Other than being such well known music on TikTok, numerous clients are not getting the pattern and will get familiar with the verses and significance.

Thus, this is the thing you should find out pretty much every last bit of it.

Home slice Hopper Tiktok Song Lyrics and Meaning

According to lyricsdb.org, the lyrics of the viral song ‘Homie Hopper’ goes this way:

When I get on top I ride

Im a homie hopper till I die

Bring your best friend or five

Im jus trynna f^^k then slide

That song is stuck in my head

However the significance of the melody is obvious, the Urban word reference characterizes the term as a young lady or a person that bounces starting with one individual then onto the next, yet just from a companion circle.

@trapbunniebubbless #homiehopper #fyp #foryoupage #trending #viral ♬ Homie hopper – trap 💋

This Is What The Song Is About The tune is tied in with having various actual associations with companions, and the vocalist says she will remain the same way always till she dies.

Now that you know the significance and verses of the melody, proceed to partake in the recordings made by various producers or make for yourself.

Homeboy Hopper Tiktok Song Trend Explored The melody Homie Hopper is all over TikTok and isn’t halting at any point in the near future.

It has quite recently been seven days since the pattern started, and the hashtags have previously been on their top, gathering very nearly 27 million perspectives.

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