Did Gerry Cotten Really Die Or Did He Fake His Death? Crypto CEO Mysterious Story On Netflix

Did Netflix’s ‘Crypto King’ subject, Gerry Cotten Really Die, or Did He Fake His Death? Figure out additional about it from this article.

Gerry also known as Gerald Willian Cotten was an eminent Canadian crypto business visionary. He was the prime supporter of Quadriga Fintech Solutions which was the independent proprietor of QuadrigaCX.


Cotten was the CEO of the organization from 2013 till the finish of 2018. After his passing, an enormous trick was uncovered which was valued at $215 Million Canadian Dollars (CAD).

Afterward, Gerry’s significant other turned-widow, Jennifer Robertson returned $12M CAD from Cotten’s land. Additionally, she expressed in her book, Crypto Widow that she knew nothing about every one of the cheats.

Did Gerry Cotten Really Die Or Did He Fake His Death? Gerry Cotten apparently died on 9 December 2018 while he was in India.

He was owned up to the emergency clinic on 8 December since he was determined to have septic shock, hole, peritonitis, and digestive obstacle. Be that as it may, he died on account of Crohn’s illness and heart failure.

According to Wikipedia, Cotten’s passing endorsement was given by a nearby region in India following the day of his death. Additionally, a NOC was made by the police to return his dead body to Nova Scotia.

Notwithstanding, the conditions encompassing Gerry’s passing were dubious and individuals are not persuaded about his abrupt destruction.

Gerry Cotten Reddit Theories and Dead Body Controversy Explained Reddit hypotheses recommend that QuadrigaCX’s CEO Gerry Cotten faked his own passing to extortion his clients.

Various strings on Reddit propose equivalent to the netizens are not persuaded of his nearby passing. Truth be told, they imagine that his excursion to India was preplanned and the demise endorsements were manufactured.

The name on his demise endorsement was incorrectly spelled and his dead body is apparently covered in a shut coffin in Canada. Yet, it is dubious on the off chance that his body was at any point moved to Canada since the coffin was shut.

A great deal of things recommended by the Reddit clients seem OK however the genuine proof that upholds that he is as yet alive can not be found.

Cotten’s biography and his appalling demise have confused individuals. Therefore, Netflix has made a series named Crypto King where his biopic is envisioned with clearness.

Where Could Gerry Cotten Wife Jennifer Robertson Today be? Did She Kill Him? Gerry Cotten is made due by his better half turned-widow, Jennifer Robertson.

The couple dated for quite a while preceding their marriage in October of 2018. Following two months, they went to India for their vacation and to fabricate a shelter.

Reports say that Jennifer killed her significant other and purchased his phony demise declaration from India.

However, clearly, Cotten died due to a heart failure and Jennifer turned into a widow. Following that, the million-dollar worth trick was presented to general society.

Individuals estimated that Robertson was at that point mindful of the tricks which she was not. She had acquired Gerry’s properties in general (aside from the key for crypto) which she later got back to the concerned specialists.

What Jennifer kept was her wedding ring, vehicle, retirement saving, and $90,000 cash. In 2022, she wrote down a book named, Crypto Widow where she shared her story.

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