Where Is Amanda Lewis Son AJ Lewis Now? Update Today In 2022

Since the preliminary, Amanda hasn’t seen or addressed her child AJ Lewis.

She hasn’t gotten any letters from him.


AJ has been taken on by the family who has been really focusing on him since Amanda’s capture and is not generally known as Hutto.

Where Is Amanda Lewis Son AJ Lewis Hutto Now 2022? Amanda Lewis’ child AJ Lewis lives with his new taken on family.

According to the sources, he isn’t in contact with his natural mother, Amanda Lewis.

AJ was the stepbrother to seven-year-old Adrianna Elaine Hutto from Esto, Florida.

On August 8, 2007, Adrianna’s mom, Amanda E. Lewis, called 911 to report finding her little girl was inert in the family’s pool.

Adrianna was shipped off the nearby emergency clinic Bay Medical.

She was declared dead with regards to an hour after the fact.

Adrianna’s demise has first governed a mishap until her relative AJ, then, at that point, 6, let specialists know that he had seen his mom “dunk” Adrianna in the pool.

Adrianna was determined to have ADHD, and Lewis noticed that she previously attempted to cooperate with her girl.

Agents additionally found that neither Adrianna nor AJ seemed to have any toys in the house.

Also, Lewis clarified it was on the grounds that the toys had been removed for seven days as a type of discipline.

Adrianna Hutto Death-More On Her Wikipedia Details Amanda Lewis was dishonestly sentenced in 2008 after her little girl Adrianna Hutto’s demise in Florida coincidentally.

On September 16, 1999, Adrianna Hutto was born and died on August 8, 2007.

Nothing gave specialists on call motivation to expect something besides a unintentional suffocating.

Amanda’s indictment spun around the proof of her 6-year-old child, AJ, who went against himself various times during the police examination and in court.

Before AJ could recognize his mom having a say in Adrianna’s demise, his sister was raced to the medical clinic.

AJ invested a lot of energy under the consideration of Amanda’s stepfather, Chuck Burns.

Lewis went to preliminary in February 2008, where the assertions of AJ and Dr. Fox were utilized as proof.

The safeguard battled that A.J. was not a dependable observer since his story had changed various times during extra cross examination.

Other proof introduced at preliminary incorporated a dissection performed by Dr. Charles Siebert declaration from Lewis’ associates.

The arraignment additionally called attention to a few injuries on Adrianna’s temple relating to AJ’s proof.

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