Police Arrest Dr Natividad Castro Under Communist Insurgency Charges, What Did The Family Have To Say?

Dr. Maria Natividad Castro also known as Naty is an eminent Filipino wellbeing specialist and a common liberties advocate. She has set up public venues and prepared common liberties laborers too.

Castro is additionally a supposed individual from the Communist Party of The Philippines (CPP) as well as the top of the New People’s Army’s National Health Bureau.


As of late, Natividad was confined by the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the news is making disorder on the web. Here is what we are familiar Castro and the charges that she is confronting.

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Police Arrest Dr. Natividad Castro Under Communist Insurgency Charges Philippine National Police captured Dr. Natividad Castro on 18 February 2022 at Barangay San Perfecto.

She was confined for the capture warrant which was given on 30 January 2020. It was requested by Fernando Fudalan, the Acting Presiding Judge of the Regional Trial Court of Bayugan City.

Castro was believed to be captured for local area insurrection charges. In any case, the PNP has uncovered that her enrollment in CPP doesn’t have anything to do with her capture.

According to Rappler, the police declared that she was taken in jail for her investment in criminal activities which incorporate seizing with genuine illicit detainment.

Natividad was blamed for snatching, keeping, and compromising a CAFGU Active Auxiliary Unit part in an obscure area. The episode is said to have occurred on 29 December 2018.

Dr. Natividad Castro: Is She Wife To Someone? Dr. Natividad Castro, matured 53, isn’t the spouse to anybody as she is single.

She has given her life to the government assistance of others. She is one of the key staff who has helped the poor native Filipino individuals.

Further, Castro has set up a few local area wellbeing focuses and illuminated individuals about basic freedoms.

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Subtleties On Dr. Natividad Castro Family Dr. Natividad Castro’s family has not seen or spoken with her since she was ousted to Butuan City.

PNP and Intelligence Officers are denying her admittance to meet or converse with legal advisors or family. Likewise, the authorities have not educated anything to them.

Natividad’s sister, Menchi Castro is her main known family until further notice. Already, in October of 2021, her mom Ofelia died.

Where Is Dr. Natividad Castro Now? At this point, Dr. Natividad Castro is under the guardianship of PNP at Butuan City.

She was most recently seen on Camp Crame as indicated by GMA Network. From that point onward, she was traveled to Butuan City to convey her before the appointed authority and legal hearers.

Castro’s family is concerned for her since they have not seen her since her capture. Additionally, the PNP and National Intelligence have denied Castro to have correspondence with her attorneys or relatives.

Nonetheless, the Free Legal Assistance Group (FLAG) is supporting her. Also, they have reported that they will record a body of evidence against the officials in the event that she doesn’t associate with her family or attorney inside 24 hours.

Further, FLAG has requested an authority examination on Dr. Natividad’s case and the officials who are denying her admittance to correspondence.

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