Is Dylan Eason Dead? Murder Of Cynthia Eason By Stepson & Isaiah Churchwell

Dylan Eason was given a lifelong incarceration yet not capital punishment as wished by his dad. He alongside his companion named Isaiah Churchwell carried out genuine wrongdoings that made them pay their lives.

Dylan has a place with Colorado and Cynthia was not his natural mother. That may be the explanation he didn’t stop for a second to kill his stepmother. He wantonly removed her life.

Is Dylan Eason Dead Or Still Alive? Dylan Eason is as yet alive and carrying out his punishment. He was indicted for first-degree murder and condemned to life, nonetheless, Isaiah was allowed a 52 years sentence to serve in jail.

He is as yet kept at Fremont Correctional Facility in Canon City, Colorado, as per jail records. For the misfortune, Jon continued to revile his child and, wished him horrible demise.

Cynthia Campbell Eason was a Burlington veterinarian allied with an assistant, Isiah Churchwell, who was 24 years of age back in 2016, and Dylan was nineteen years of age.

The wrongdoing occurred on the 1300 square of Jasmine Street in Burlington. Soon after a tip came in that drove agents to Dylan and Isaiah Churchwell against the wrongdoing.

Murder Of Cynthia Eason By Stepson, Dylan Eason and Isaiah Churchwell As per the specialists, Dylan Eason alongside Isaiah Churchwell broke into Cynthia’s home. They were into drugs, and their intention was to take assets from her home to get drugs.

Be that as it may, when Cynthia got them, they attacked her and escaped with the taken resources. They ruthlessly beat Cynthia and left her body in the room on 29 April 2016.

His dad was hitched to Cynthia however, he was absent at home while the wrongdoing occurred. He self-destructed to realize Dylan carried out the wrongdoing. He surrendered his child for his wrongdoing.

Is Dylan Eason In Jail? – His Sentence In March 2017, Dylan Eason was indicted after a preliminary that went on around fourteen days. After near eight hours of pondering, the jury viewed him to be unquestionablyliable of homicide, exasperated theft, and first-degree thievery.

Dylan was condemned to life in jail with the chance of parole. According to the jail record, he remains detained at Fremont Correctional Facility in Canon City, Colorado.

His dad, Jon Eason, wanted that he would get capital punishment for both the offender of his better half. He additionally asserted that he lost his child. He was crushed when Dr Cynthia died.

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