“If your babe cannot hang leg like this, dump her” – Janemena turns twerking counselor for men in new video

Popular Nigerian dancer and social media influencer Usiwo Orezimena Jane, popularly known as Janemena, has issued some words of advice to men.

In one of her regular Instagram posts, Janemena told guys to dump their girlfriends if they cannot hang their legs the way she did in a video that accompanied the write-up.

If your Girlfriend or bestie cannot hang leg like this and ride, Dump her please,” she wrote.


Meanwhile, in that video, the 28-year-old influencer could be seen chilling out in a car she was driving.

She placed one of her legs on the car dashboard while the other was on the throttle. Jane was spotted vibing to a song that played in the background as she slowly navigated through the road.

At some point in the video, she came down from the car to do what she’s best known for – twerk.



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