You Buy Drinks For Your Friends, Throw Parties And Your Mother Is Dying Of Hunger– Lady Calls Out Benue Big Boy

Grace Otsaya Itodo

A lady took to social media to call out a big boy who lives a lavish lifestyle but neglects his mother.


According to the lady, Grace Otsaya Itodo, who took to the popular social media app, Facebook, to share the story, she has been paying the impoverished woman’s rent for the past 4 years, and the landlord has threatened to evict her since she couldn’t cover the whole fee this year.

She claimed that the old woman’s children have refused to pay the landlord the remaining debt.

On Wednesday, the enraged woman rushed to Facebook to call out one of the woman’s 6 children, whom she claims is hosting parties and parading his luxurious lifestyle on social media but can’t help his hungry mom.

She bemoaned the fact that the man spends his money on women, noting that none of the women he has dated ever worried about finance.


She Wrote:

“I don’t know how you manage to sleep at night knowing fully well your biological mother is starving and you post and flaunt yourself everywhere.

You don’t feed her nor cloth her to the point of her landlord throwing her out of the house she is living. It’s a shame and disgrace to you and your siblings that can’t take care of your widow mother.

How can a woman birth nine children she lost three and the remaining six can’t help her to live. Haba!

How heartless can you be ….

You buy drinks for your friends everyday, throw birthday parties and you mother is dying of hunger.

I’m losing it on you guys, haba for past four years I have been paying just this little balance you guys can’t help her.

I’m not including myself and siblings that got separated because none of you can take care of us since we lost our mom

But your own mother! haba na have shame na! Tomorrow now, if she is no more you will buy rice and cook for (the) public. Brother have sense _na!

Worst part is he even flaunt his money on women. No woman he ever dates complain about him not taking care of them.

Why your mother na!

A.S.E this message is for you.

Take care of your mother.”

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