Rachel Zegler Confirms Her Relationship With Josh Andres Rivera

Rachel Zegler has now affirmed her long-reputed relationship with Josh Andres Rivera. The entertainer went to Instagram on Valentine’s Day 2022 to uncover her sentiment with her West Side Story co-star. On the off chance that you missed it, Zegler depicts Maria in the 2021 change of the famous film melodic, while Rivera plays Chino, the man she dates prior to meeting Tony, depicted by entertainer Ansel Elgort.

Rachel Zegler Opens Up About Her Relationship with Boyfriend To spare the gritty details, the entertainer, 20, distributed an adorable highly contrasting photograph of herself and Rivera, with the slogan “perpetrating Valen violations” on her declaration post. Zegler additionally shared a comparative photograph of them – alongside the past one – on Twitter, where numerous adherents speedily saluted the recently out couple. Be that as it may, the story didn’t stop there. She additionally recounted to her devotees on Instagram stories that she and her accomplice were having dinner at Mr. White’s Leicester Square.


Fans React to Rachel Zegler’s Relationship with Josh Andres Rivera Aficionados of Zegler and Rivera’s relationship appear to be exceptionally responsive on the web. Accordingly, when the entertainer recognized she was dating, most of them were seen posting positive things about the relationship. “Both of you are so delightful,” one admirer reacted to her message. “I’m enamored with both of you,” composed another.

Another person additionally scrutinized the entertainer whether Rivera was a similar individual she acted with, adding, “hello isn’t that the person from that one film?” “So I figure this demonstrates their dating?” said one Instagram client. I was dependably inquisitive whether they were essentially closest companions or sweetheart and sweetheart.” From ‘West Side Story’ to Real Life Zegler and Rivera evidently at first met on the arrangement of West Side Story. They hence turned out to be close while shooting the film, inciting watchers to keep thinking about whether they were likewise dating.

The sentiment doubts were fanned whenever they transferred pictures together, yet it crested on Valentine’s Day 2021 when the entertainer tweeted, “I love Josh Andres Rivera.” Despite the way that the post indicated vigorously at her association with her co-star, it was not yet official. Following the occurrence, the diva shared a progression of pictures on Instagram in December 2021, underlining 2021 episodes that caused her to feel “immense love I have never felt.”

The principal photograph was of her embracing Rivera, who was wearing a happy sweater. “Enjoying Christmas Eve with a fella I’ve never met, perhaps you know him, he looks truly cool-like he may be the affection offspring of Iron Man and John Wick, don’t know,” she added, clarifying her photograph with him. Essentially, in her November 2021 post, she composed that she found her “closest friend in the whole world” subsequent to acting in West Side Story. Fans immediately brought up that she was suggesting Rivera.

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