Lady Narrates How She Was Kidnapped In Lagos And Taken To Ogun State On Valentine’s Day

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A lady took to social media to narrate how she was allegedly kidnapped on Valentine’s day, February 14.

According to her, she dressed up as if she was going on a date while looking for someone to hang out with before she received a lift from a guy in a white Mercedes Benz.

She stated that after she entered the car, they gisted for a while before she dozed off.

When she woke up after two hours, she realised that they were in Sagamu at Ogun state before she started screaming and calling for help.

According to the story shared by Instagram writer, Omowumi_, the lady said:

“I was kidnapped on Valentine’s day. E remain small make I die. At noon, I dressed up like I was going on a date but deep down, I was looking for someone to hang out with.

One very fine guy driving a white Benz parked in front of me. I didn’t even hesitate to enter because it felt like a dream come true. We gisted for sometime before I slept off.

I woke up to realize that he has driven for almost two hours. I turned on my Google map and discovered that I was at Sagamu in Ogun state. That’s how I started crying and screaming.

This guy didn’t even react but drove faster instead. I gave up and started looking like a mumu while silently saying my last prayer. He suddenly stopped, kissed my forehead and told me to get out of his car. I trekked so much before one hajia helped me. I regretted leaving my bed at all”.


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