Kissing Makes My Fans Happy

Controversial Ghanaian dancehall star, Shatta Wale has reacted to the backlash he received after a video of him kissing his male bodyguard on the mouth went viral.

TORI had earlier reported that Shatta Wale was seen in the video thanking his security guard, Shatta Kumoji.

“I love you mhen… you kept your word,” Shatta Wale said as he put his neck chain around Kumoji’s neck. “God is good. I received it,” Kumoji responded as the diamond neck chain was placed around his neck.

Afterwards, Shatta Wale planted a kiss on Kumoji’s mouth. The video has triggered divided opinions on the Ghanaian singer’s sexuality.

Reacting to the controversy that trailed the viral video, Shatta Wale tweeted;

”Kissing makes my fans happy ”



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