BBN Prince asks what the hope of the common man is?

Amidst the looming fuel scarcity in Nigeria, former big brother Naija housemate, Prince Nelson Enwerem has taken to his Twitter to share concerns for Nigerians who are struggling in this time of fuel scarcity, how this has disrupted lives and business.


He tweeted:

“Nigeria is constantly happening to us everyday. There is fuel scarcity, people are sleeping at fuel stations overnight just to be first in line to buy fuel the next morning, NEPA decided to not bring light to double the suffering. What is the hope of the common man?.”

He continued,

“In all this happening, our RULERS get fuel for car to power their long convoys, their Mikano gens are full of diesel so how will they be concerned, it’s not affecting them. If as a young Nigerian you still feel like practicing political apathy by 2023, you are part of our problem.”

In other news, Nollywood actor, Adeniyi Johnson has also joined others to lament on the fuel scarcity. He maintained that the only constant thing in life is change while referencing the tipping of filling station attendants. Read details here

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