Asurf Oluseyi to use NFT exhibition for ‘3 Cold Dishes’ movie funding

Nigerian filmmaker, Asurf Oluseyi has made moves to take funding in Nollywood to the next level as he announced his plans for an NFT exhibition that allows him to raise funds for his forthcoming movie, ‘3 Cold Dishes.’

According to the filmmaker, a collection of 7,555 distinct and unique NFTs will be on display at the Jewel Aeida in Lagos on March 6th, poised to disrupt film finance in Africa.

Asurf Oluseyi has reiterated his film company’s intention to crowdfund for the production of the forthcoming movie through NFT sales.

3 Cold Dishes NFT
3 Cold Dishes NFT announcement.


“Asurf Films Ltd. is doing a crowdfunding event for the film 3 Cold Dishes and series development through NFT sales. We have created 5 Tribes with 7,555 Unique NFTs based on the characteristics of these amazing queens.

“This event is to allow collectors and believers of this great project, blockchain enthusiasts and lovers of art & film the opportunity to experience the exclusive digital artwork in a physical environment.”

3 Cold Dishes BTS
behind the scene of 3 Cold Dishes.


The movie tells the story of three women from Lagos, Port Novo, and Abidjan who were forced into sex slavery by men they trusted, and how they come together to get revenge on those who had taken away their innocence.

It was also stated that 20% of the proceeds from the NFT exhibition will be donated to NGOs that conduct rescue missions and empower victims of human trafficking.

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