Who Was Christi Spicuzza Aka Christina? Uber Driver Body Found In Monroeville

Christina Spicuzza has been absent since Thursday, 10 February. As indicated by her family, she was keep going heard on Thursday night while heading to gather charges.

Christina’s family, companions, and spouse did all that they could like circling the data about Christina through the different web-based media stages.


Notwithstanding, the inconvenient and abrupt passing of Christi Spicuzza has shaken her better half Brandon and her loved ones.

Missing: Who Was Christi Spicuzza Aka Christina? Christi Spicuzza also known as Christina was a Uber driver. She filled in as a driver and vanished while she was headed to gather charges.

The group of the missing individual shared the data about her by means of web-based media on Friday. The individuals said that Christina was last heard from Thursday.

Spicuzza’s vehicle was found on Saturday morning at the Fourth Street in the Pitcairn, affirmed by the Pitcairn police with the data that was shared by the family.

In a matter of seconds a short time later, Allegheny County police were allegedly called to the location of a body found around 500 on Rosecrest Drive around 12 p.m. Saturday.

A companion of the Spicuzza family affirmed to @WTAE that the body found in Monroeville on Saturday evening had a place with Christi Spicuzza.

As per the police, Spicuzza’s tote was as yet in her vehicle and the Uber camera was absent.

The Uber representative sent an explanation saying “Our musings are with Christi’s loved ones during this troublesome time.”

The assertion proceeded “Uber’s security group has been helping the officials in the examination day in and day out.”

Uber Driver Christi Spicuzza Body Found In Monroeville: Death Cause Uber driver, Christi Spicuzza’s body was found in Monroeville on, Saturday who disappeared for a couple of days, and passing reason is still to be known.

Her body was distinguished and affirmed by the casualties’ family through a web-based media post shared by Christi’s family.

The Allegheny County crime criminal investigators are driving the examination now. The officials were seen studying the region for a really long time where the casualty’s body was found, analyzing and assembling the proof.

In any case, the police have not delivered any data connected with the suspect in the driver’s demise.

The officials are requesting anybody with the data or any sort from subtleties to ring the area tip line.

Christi Spicuzza Aka Christina Age Christi Spicuzza otherwise known as Christina was 38 years of age at the hour of her passing. She was hitched and was the mother of four children.

Christi was simply the principle supplier and her family and youngsters. Allison Weiss alongside 3 others coordinated a Christi’s Memorial Fund.

The cash raised is going to the cost for Brandon and their four children and furthermore for the burial service costs.

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