Who Is Mouaz Moustafa? Video On Twitter Shows Passenger Causing American Airlines Flight Diverted

An American Airlines flight bound to DC from Los Angeles redirected to Kansas after a traveler showed an “unpredictable conduct.” An individual, who is yet to be recognized, attempted to open a crisis entryway before the plane made a crisis arrival.

Preceding this, he endeavored to break into a cockpit and furthermore had a contention with one of the airline stewards. The last option needed to toss an espresso cup to repress him.


Who Is Mouaz Moustafa? Mouaz Moustafa is a leader head of an association called the Syrian Executive Task Force.

The association apparently battles to limit the brutality against Syrian regular folks through backing and compassionate drives, according to their Twitter handle.

In addition, Moustafa is exceptionally dynamic via online media where he makes tweets about his work and that of his association. He at present has north of 5600 supporters on Twitter.

Mouaz Moustafa American Airlines Diversion Twitter Video: What Happened? Mouaz Moustafa shared a few recordings on Twitter in regards to the episode on an American Airlines flight.

Getting to the story, the plane that was initially bound to DC needed to make a crisis arrival at Kansas after a traveler caused a situation. He was then quelled by an airline steward who tossed an espresso cup at him.

As found in Moustafa’s Twitter video, the agitator was shrouded in blood from wounds because of the espresso cup. Indeed, even from that point forward, he attempted to open the crisis entryway while the plane was making a crisis arrival.

As indicated by reports, the pilot needed to land at around 5000 FPM rather than ordinary 500-700 FPM. A couple of travelers knew nothing about the occurrence and thought that the plane was crashing.

The plane slipped around 31,000 feet in pretty much eight minutes.

Unpredictable Behavior Forces Emergency Landing: Was The Passenger Arrested? The traveler who caused the episode on the American Airlines flight was captured.

According to Moustafa, he is a moderately aged man whose name is yet to be uncovered. Reports say that he was taken into the authority of the FBI. Further insights concerning his personality and charges will follow soon.

Above all, no travelers were harmed during the occurrence. The travelers were rebooked to another flight.

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