What Happened To Tommy Howe? Missing Update: Is He Found?

Tommy Howe is an American person who has been absent for almost three weeks following an auto collision.

He is a new college alumni who has as of late started a new position. As indicated by the police report, Tommy was associated with an accident on I-94 close to Route 176 on January 22, 2022, not long before 11 a.m.


Strangely, Howe escaped the site by walking to an obscure objective not long after the occurrence.

The 24-year-old was residing with companions in a loft in midtown Chicago, however a bizarre succession of episodes has examiners pondering where he is today.

According to the missing individual flier, Howe was most recently seen wearing a dim North Face coat, dull pants, and highly contrasting bound Vans.

He is portrayed as a white male with earthy colored eyes and earthy colored hair, standing five feet eight inches tall.

Tommy Howe Missing Update: Is He Found? Up until this point, Tommy Howe is as yet absent and hasn’t been found.

Howe’s folks have been begging the general population for help, and they have now offered a $10,000 prize for data.

According to a police articulation, Tommy’s vehicle was found with airbags sent after the episode.

Two days after the crash, Howe’s work cellphone was found in the Old School Forest Preserve, however nothing else.

Since Howe’s vanishing, police and volunteers have tested the woodland save with search parties, proficient K-9 units, private planes, and even robots, however without much of any result.

His family was noticeably disturbed on Friday, saying that this was abnormal for Howe.

They are trusting that somebody has data that might lead them to their child.

Moreover, specialists expressed that the examination is as yet continuous and that they are circling back to each possible lead they have, which sums more than 200.

Tommy Howe Car Accident Details Tommy Howe’s family asserted he was coming back from Chicago to see family at the hour of the occurrence, however he was rarely reached.

Witnesses said they noticed Howe leave the crash site and enter the Old School Forest Preserve in Libertyville.

His folks accept they have no clue about why Howe ran away from the location of the mishap or where he might have gone.

They presume their child had a head injury. Anybody with data on Howe is approached to contact the Cencom Dispatch Center at 847-270-9111.

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