Udaariyaan 14th February 2022 Episode Written Update: Fateh Inflames Jasmine

Hello, all the daily soap lovers, your favourite TV show Udaariyaan is set to broadcast the 14th February 2022 episode, through which you will get some incredible drama. Because Tejo is set to unleash her plans against Jasmine to defeat her from all the corners, even she has shown her the properties paper as well. Therefore, as soon as time is passing Jasmine’s worries are getting increased, because she does not know the further step of Tejo that could make obstacles for her in such a manner, hence she is getting worried about all that as well.

Meanwhile, Tejo mentions that now she is saving her from the hands of Women Cell but if she does something ahead against her or her family including Virks, she will not let her go at any cost. Inwardly Jasmien says that, prior to this, she will definitely come back with full rage to destroy them because not for forever Tejo will have power one day she will get it too. Tejo is able to see the tension on the face of Jasmine, as her gestures are saying everything, and being a sister of her she is aware of anything of her.

Udaariyaan 14th Feb Episode

After all these, finally, Fateh and Tejo are going to come closer to commemorate Valentine together while forgetting everything, whatever has been faced by them in the past due to Jasmine. But somewhere Tejo is getting worried about her happiness because whenever she celebrates something, then unhappiness definitely knocks on her door as well. But at the same time, Jasmine is decided to do something big against the two as they became the cause of her unhappiness, and this is the reason she will never let them go and hence she takes a pledge as well to destroy them.

As soon as Jasmine comes to know that Fateh is going to celebrate Valentine with Tejo she gets jealous enough, because her husband Amrik is not her first choice but due to circumstances their wedding took place. Therefore, when she sees them together her unhappiness knows no boundaries because she wanted to celebrate with Fateh instead of Amrik. Even Fateh is doing all this to make her inflame as well, so that , she could do something and he could catch her flaw to send her out from their life. So watch it on Colors at the correct time and for more details stay tuned with us.

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