Who is Jon Selke? Purdue Cop Choked Adonis Tuggle with Elbow Video Getting Viral

After the arrest video of a Black student surfaced online, Purdue University Campus police are reviewing the white officer’s use of force. Yes, the officer named Jon Selke was filmed pinning the 24-year-old student Adonis Tuggle to the ground and pressing an elbow against his neck with force. Now, the video has come to the light and has been sparking vehement outrage. As the matter involves a black student and a white officer, it is getting a lot of backlashes. Let us check the complete details of the ongoing matter.

The shocking incident took place on February 4, 2022, inside the Purdue campus. Officer Selke reportedly responded to a report of a suspected assault on a woman. Later, it was disclosed that the student was falsely accused of the assault and was rather innocent. Mitch Daniels, Purdue University President, stated that Purdue takes subjects involving campus safety and well-being seriously more than any subject.

Who is Jon Selke?

It is reported that on Friday evening, Feb 4, the police department received a bystander report of an assault on a woman and needed an urgent response from the officer. Jon Selke had gone there to investigate the case. As the arrest video of the student circulated on social media, Purdue University Police Department and Selke received death threats from the public and the video sparked outrage. Now, it is coming forward that an internal investigation will be held in this matter.

While at present, police are probing video evidence which involves car dashcam footage and bodycam footage along with witness interviews. In the viral clip, Tuggle asks the officer to stop hurting him and said that he has been disrespectful the whole time. The student also told the officer that he is choking him but he did not stop. The Black student Tuggle was arrested and was booked into the Tippecanoe County jail and was accused of resisting law enforcement. However, he was released later on a $250 bond.

Tuggle has also shared his ordeal on Instagram where he has claimed that Selke punched him repeatedly, elbowed him in the face, smothered his face into the snow, and choked him with his elbow while having him pinned to the ground the entire time. He pleaded with everyone to help him get justice by holding the officer accountable. As the video has surfaced online, netizens have been trending various hashtags and have been condemning the act of the officer along with demanding justice for him.

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