My connections are working, Jaruma brags after release on bail

Sex therapist Hauwa Mohammed aka Jaruma on Friday bragged that her connections in government are working.

The kayanmata seller said this in an Instagram post moment after she was granted bail.

In a video she shared, Jaruma said: “Everything that just happens I just take it as life happens but the real part I was worried about was some people were now saying ‘Oh I thought she said she is the president’s girlfriend! oh I thought she said she has connections. She said her products can protect her see am. Why didn’t her product work on the Nigerian police?”

“Guys Jaruma’s products are working just fine. My connections are working just fine. I was here on Monday and I was out on Tuesday. I know you guys don’t believe so I had to make a video put it on WhatsApp. The connections and the products are working just fine.”

Jaruma and the Nwokos are having a bullfight. Reports have it that Regina Daniel’s husband, Ned Nwoko sued the self-acclaimed sex therapist for defamation of character and spreading fake news about his family. Read the links below to catch up.

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