Pastor Adigun breaks silence after Juliana Olayode dragged him for hacking her social media accounts [Video]

Coordinator of MINE Teenage Ministry and pastor at The Ark Church, a Lagos-based worship centre, Pastor Timi Adigun has reacted to allegations leveled against him by Nollywood actress, Olayode Juliana aka Toyo Baby.

The actress had accused the pastor of allegedly taking control of her social media accounts and locking her out

She claimed that Timi Adigun impersonated her on Facebook, uploaded a picture of him and his wife, and at some point unpublished her Facebook page, which affected her Instagram account.

Reacting to this, the pastor said he doesn’t have her passwords. According to him, he already handed it all over to her.

The man of God further stressed that the actress disrespected him by coming to his church and calling him by his first name.




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