“I bled for six months”

Actress and filmmaker, Halima Abubakar shocked many on Saturday when she revealed that she bled for six months as a result of what friends did to her.

Halima took to her Instagram page, shared her painful experiences and advised her followers on the kind of friends they keep and importance of giving praises to God.

According to the Abubakar who is a native of Kogi:

” I was able to remove sadness from my life.I bled for 6 months. Yes I did o. That’s why I thank God daily. Friends are out cutting hairs, clothes for evil and jazz. It’s past though. But I am in awe of Gods favor.

Yes it happened to me.So be careful.A smiling face is an evil being. Dem go wan kill you because of roles and men. Be careful out there, people are evil.

I am glad I am in my lane .I pray all and more is done to your own families, as you did too”.



This is coming after the Nollywood star stated recently that while growing up, she was ridiculed and told she was ugly.

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