Almajiri, agbero have PVC, if votes don’t count politicians won’t bribe

In preparedness for the 2023 general elections, actor and comedian, Okey Bakassi has taken to his Instagram account to make a rallying cry to educated Nigerians to get their permanent voters card by all means.

According to the comedian, artisans and unskilled labour workers from Northern Nigeria like almajiri, mai shayi, mai debino, mai barrow, gatemen and sugar cane sellers have PVCs, therefore, a BSC or MSC graduate should have no reason not to have voters card.

He encouraged educated Nigerians not to insult the hardwork of people who paid their school fees with statements like ‘my vote won’t count’

Okey Bakassi concluded by saying that if votes don’t count as many educated Nigerians say, then Nigerian politicians won’t “bribe/pay” people to vote them into power.

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