Why McDonald’s Sprite Trending on Twitter? Check Hilarious Tweets & Memes

Founded in 1940 by Richard and Maurice McDonald, the American fast-food company McDonald has become the most favourite and trusted spot to gather. Its global success is attributable to a lot of things such as the strategy of marketing the franchise model along with its way of advertising and investing. Well, this is the reason why the fast-food chain of the company is achieving success globally. Currently, McDonald’s Sprite has occupied all the top trends on Twitter. Netizens are trending various hashtags related to Sprite and have been discussing it.

It is very usual for things to go viral on the internet and start getting trending out of nowhere. Well, the same has happened with the McDonald’s Sprite that has become the hot topic among internet users nowadays. Almost everyone is talking about it and loads of memes regarding the same are also being shared on the platform. Where several users are taking an active part in the trend, there are some sections of people who are confused why even is the hashtags are trending everywhere and what is so special about these soft drinks that have brought them in news.

McDonald’s Sprite Trending

Well, observing the memes that are being surfaced online, it has come to the knowledge that the company that happened to have launched a series of soft drinks named “Sprite” tastes quite strong. Yes, netizens who have tasted the soft drinks are discussing the fact that these soft drinks are in no way soft but taste rather sharper and stronger. Users are stating that McDonald’s Sprite tastes more like a hard liquor than any soft drink and sipping it makes one feel energetic and alert or we could say more electronic. Due to the said reason, it has become the centre of attraction.

It has been reported that McDonald owns machines that use a higher ratio of carbonated water and syrup concentrate. This is the reason why their drinks differ from other soft drinks in the market and makes the drink more delicious having a more flavorful taste. It further adds more desire to have more soda. The freshness they provide is definitely unmatched while drinking its sprite gives one a physical sensation and chills right to one’s brain. Users are tweeting that they get crispier like a McDonald’s Sprite while standing out in the sun for five hours straight. The crispness indicates the measurement of how baked you get in the sun.


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