Who Was Teddy Balkind? High School Hockey Player Cause Of Death?

On Thursday, January 6, 2022, hockey players from across the world mourned the tragic death of a high school hockey player. Well, the said hockey player has been identified as Teddy Balkind now. According to the officials, the player was a student of Connecticut High School who sadly died after an on-ice collision. It was stated by Mark Zuccerella, Greenwich Police Capt., that a hockey game took place between Brunswick School and St. Luke’s School in Greenwich. However, the game was stopped midway after a player sustained severe injuries on the ice.

Mark Zuccerella further stated that during the hockey game, a player, Teddy Balkind, from the opposite team suddenly fell on the ice. This sudden fell resulted in another player who was coming towards Teddy colliding with the latter as he couldn’t stop his movement. Balkind was immediately taken to the hospital as he has sustained life-threatening injuries. Zuccerella said that the young player couldn’t be saved and died as a result of the injuries.

Who Was Teddy Balkind?

The New Cannan Police Department has identified the student as a 10th grader of St. Luke’s School. The Police Department took to Instagram and shared an emotional post. They posted a photo on which “To an athlete dying young” was written in bold. The lengthy post was written in poem form and was dedicated to the ice hockey player who breathed his last at such a young age. Mark Davis who is the head of St. Luke School called the horrific collision a “tragic accident”.

After Teddy Balkind death news was confirmed, the school administration cancelled all the classes and school activities on Friday. Davis said that the entire school is grieving the unfortunate death of Teddy and that they lost a precious young and talented man. It was also stated that both the schools that participated in the ice-hockey game have gotten shocked after learning about the player’s demise. Davis further added that the school’s prime focus at this time is to care for the devastated community.

Thomas Philip, Brunswick’s Head of School, expressed his sadness on the incident. He said that the community is saddened beyond words and shared their thoughts and prayers with the player’s family and friends. On Friday, the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference paid tribute to the hockey player offered heartfelt condolences to St. Luke’s community for their loss. Our site prays for the young boy soul too. RIP Teddy Balkind!

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