Who Was Lauren Hawkins? Young Singer And Dancer Dies After Taking MDMA Bio Age Instagram

A horrible incident took place in Dorset when a young and immensely talented teenager lost her life. Lauren Hawkins recognised as one of the popular and versatile girls even get compared to Adele. It seems that it is a matter of irresponsibility of her friends as the teenager took a heavy dose of MDMA that was unbearable by her body and started shaking and her eyes rolled up but still her friends didn’t call the ambulance as they didn’t want any trouble. Get more information on Lauren Hawkins death and the main reasons for her demise.

The dreaded incident took place a couple of years back on6 July again surfacing all over the Internet as people are getting curious to know about the conclusion. According to the reports, Lauren Hawkins who was 16 years old belonged to Bearwood, Poole, Dorser boon with a magical voice and remarkable dancing skills was hanging out with her friends in the park and overdosed with MDMA. The body started reacting due to the fatal dose and started shivering badly and eyes rolled back. All of her fans gets scared seeing her but didn’t call the ambulance.

Who Was Lauren Hawkins?

Instead of calling an ambulance her boyfriend Cameron Daughty tried to give her CPR but in vain. The incident took place at around 8:45 PM when Lauren fainted and the ambulance reached the spot at a park in Wimborne, Dorset after 2 hours at around 10:36 PM and rushed to the hospital where the doctors discovered that Lauren suffered a heart attack. Some of the medical reports claimed that her heartbeats stopped for consecutive 11 minutes after getting overdosed.

Even after admitting to the hospital Laurine never comes to her senses. Her health condition was continuously deteriorating due to complications. The reports also claimed that she had grime and irreversible brain damage and succumbed to death. She died after the three days when her parents decided to stop taking assistance from the life support machine. In her autopsy reports that a heavy dose of MDMA was spotted in her blood mentioned the major cause of her death.

Well, it wasn’t the first time when the girl was intoxicated with the drug, she first used it in October 2019 and it also reacted badly even that time and she promised her mother that she wouldn’t do it again but she broke her promise which became the reason of her demise. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and worldwide updates.

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