Who Killed Murdered The Bride?

Nowadays, plenty of shocking incidents are occurring in such a worst manner that left every one is shocked always, something similar is recently reported on social media. Where it is being said, that Molly Watson who was a bride to be is found dead two days before her tied-a-knot ceremony. Now as the case is progressing, many unknown facts are coming to the fore through the investigation, and her future husband James Addie is coming under suspicion. Because the sword of doubt is hanging on his neck, therefore the concerned department has taken him into custody.  

As per the exclusive reports or sources, Jamie Addie also found blameworthy in her 2018 murder, but despite this, the investigators are still looking ahead to get more pieces of vital information of his prior record, which indicates that he has a connection from the crime for a long. As now again, he has come into the suspicion due to the slaughter of Molly Watson who found died two days before her wedding. As soon as the news is catching the heat plenty of reactions are coming to the fore. Because almost everyone is seeking justice for her and requesting to take action against the defaulter.

Who Is Molly Watson?

If further reports are to be considered, so He was convicted of first-degree murder charges in April 2021 as well and also sentenced to lifetime prison without the chances of bail, plus 10 years, in July. Even the ABC 30/30 was seeing ahead of the case in a new episode which has broadcasted on Friday, 7th January, through which, they have shown some pieces of untold facts behind the scene. This is the reason the case is again catching the heat and creating the buzz as well among those who recently, heard the news in such a manner.

The deceased Molly Watson was shot from the backside of her head which became the major cause of her sudden departure, she was just a 35-years-old woman, during the trial of Addie these shocking facts are being unleashed by the investigators. The dead body of the victim has been sent for autopsy and is being investigated by Dr. Carl Stacy, who is a forensic Pathologist and faculty member of the University of Missouri. So let see what kind of things will be unveiled now as the autopsy is being proceeded by the doctor, so when something will arrive we will update you.

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