Who Is Arturo Vargas Betancourt And What Was His Death Cause? Check Bio Age Family

Once again, Arturo Vargas is becoming the subject of massive discussion among the people, as his sudden passing news surrounded the entire social media platform. Yes, you heard right, the sudden passing of Arturo made his close ones shocked enough, as no one even imagined that he will leave the world in such a strange manner. Therefore, everyone is sending their condolence to the family while paying tribute to him on social media, because for a long no ill-health information regarding him came which is a bit strange of everyone, so below you could get everything along with his personal stuff and untold facts.


According to the recent reports, he was suffering from fatal disease complications and being examined by the medical staff as well, as his health got deteriorated enough. But still, no confirmation has been made by his family, which is a matter of great thinking. So, therefore, he could be alive too because hitherto no one knows that he is dead or still, alive. Because yet only reports are claiming such story behind his departure, so as long as his family makes a statement, it would be inappropriate to pronounce him dead.

Who Is Arturo Vargas Betancourt?

Arturo Vargas is the mayor of the Hato Movie Competition and the president of PRODAVIC (Program for the Growth of Audiovisual Investive Industries) and reportedly passed away on 6th January 2022. He was graduated from the same place he used to stay while choosing the stream of the Latin American Bible School & Board member of BILD Biblical Institute for Management Growth. He 5was born on 25th October 1977 in Hato Mayor del Rey, Dominican Republic. Later, he toed-a-knot with Rosanny Salas and was blessed with two baby boys called Arthus Isai and Simon Isaias.

If further reports are to be considered, so he had served around 15 years as the Director of the Dominican Republic Mission Foundation of the Worldwide Missions organizations Meets God. Hitherto only reports are claiming that he is no longer but unless the genuine one spots, we can not claim anything because still, a few reports are coming to the fore along with different stories behind the news. So something will come again we would make you acquainted for sure so stay connected with us, because all reports have their own claims so unless genuine one arrive you do not need to chase.

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