Sirf Tum Written Episode 8th January 2022 Update Ranveer Encourages Suhani & Her Mother

The coming episode of Sirf Tum is going to be dramatic enough as Ranveer encourages Suhani’s mother to take a stand for herself and Suhani because it is not just a dream for her to be a doctor, it is her destiny which she wants to make in such a way she wants. Even only she knows that how hard she faced to reach this spot, and despite this, if her father creates an obstacle so it is her responsibility to break all of them because the Exam will decide Suhani’s destiny, so, therefore, she needs to reach the exam centre.

Meanwhile, her mother replies, that Suhani’s father strictly said no to them and this is the reason they can not go against him because his decision is the last decision at their house. Spontaneously Ranveer says that she does not need to worry about him, she should only focus on Suhani so that, she can easily go to attempt her exam. Even Suhani thinks that if she goes so her father will be angry with her and her mother which is not appropriate, and once she thinks that she should refuse to give an exam.

Sirf Tum Written Update

Then Ranveer makes them understand that if the dreams are big then they will take time to fulfil and the price will also have to be paid. Even he fulfils them with enthusiasm so that, they can go without worrying about her father, because Suhani wants to be a successful doctor, so she should look ahead besides seeing towards the consequence of her father’s anger. Because she knows what is good or bad for her a she has gone through plenty of stuff. Hence, her mother gets encouraged and holds her hand to take her to the exam centre.

After a while, when they reach the exam centre spontaneously Riya and Ansh see her they got shocked to see. Meanwhile, they make a call to her father and say that Suhani is here and went against him which is inappropriate enough. Meanwhile, her father thinks that how dare she to go against her, and decide to do something with them, so that, they can accept his all orders. Meanwhile, says that no matter what happens but he will not attempt the exam at any cost. So do not miss watching it as many enthusiastic twists and turns are waiting for you, and for further details connect with us.

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