Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Update 8th January 2022 Episode Will Avinash Throw His Daughter’s Photos?

As you all know that the makers of daily soap called Sasural Simar Ka 2, are leaving no stone unturned to make it more interesting as compared before and as you all have been watching the show for a while, so saying this just can’t be bad that script of the daily soap is now getting spicy with all the latest twists in the drama. So, far we have watched that Simar and Aarav both are about to start their life once again and this time everything is going to be so pleasing.

So, the latest episode of the show begins with, Simar and Aarav reaching the place where all the clothes are being dried. As usual, Aarav initiates asking her that he wants to make their first night special as special she is for him. Meanwhile, Simar smiles looking at him, both of them then collect some clothes and make a tent and also arrange a bonfire. Simar gets super happy seeing Aarav again making the time special for her, she says “Aarav Ji, today I am so happy and I wish that the time will stop her”. She then says him that he is a magician because now he is spreading his magic over her as he used to do before, she says that she wants to come inside the tent.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

Aarav then looks at her and says that first, she should do her Grah Pravesh then they will do further moves. She asks him that how will he do that now, he replies that her husband is a magician and magicians know how to turn normal things into special ones. There, Avinash comes back home along with everyone and opens the door thinking of Simar’s words. On the other side, Gagan opens the door of his mansion and Vivaan says Badi maa to step in, As she steps in she is about to fall.

As she starts falling Vivaan holds her hand. Badi Maa says that she is fine and there is nothing to be worried of. She steps inside and Reema brings water for her. She signs her to stay away from her. Indu there gives water to Avinash but he denies taking it saying that his daughter has ruined their values and Pride that they used to keep, he then gets up angrily saying that this time he will not blame himself for the situation but clean the house, he steps toward the photo frame. The episode ends here.

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