Pandya Store Written Update 8th January 2022 Episode Dhara Hugs Raavi

The latest episode of Pandya Store begins with Raavi. She tells her that Shiva was about to express his feelings to her and that she is thinking of giving him another chance. Anita asks Raavi to go with Dhara to the hospital instead. Raavi doesn’t believe that Anita has changed this much. Here, Anita thinks that she will be snatching Dhara’s happiness and will make sure that she does not unite with Shiva. In the next scene, Suman is seen blessing Gautam and Dhara and asks them about everyone. Dhara tells her that they are busy. Suman then asks them about Rishita.

Gautam tells Suman that they should give Rishita some time as she is already upset with them. Meanwhile, Raavi comes. She asks Dhara if she was going to the hospital alone and won’t take her with her. Dhara couldn’t believe and she smiles upon hearing Raavi’s words. She hugs her and asks if she has forgiven her to which Raavi says that she is still upset with her but would love to go with her. Suman praises Raavi for finally getting sense. Suman then asks Raavi to explain if she found any treasure that she had locked her door earlier.

Rishita shakes her head. Later, Ravi, Dhara, and Gautam head to the hospital. Here, Anita gets worried. Kamini asks her to relax and tells her that she is Dhara from now. Meanwhile, Anita hides after seeing Gautam. Here, Shiva thinks about Raavi. He thinks that he will accept Raavi happily if she gets like before. Krish calls Raavi and tells him about Raavi going to the hospital with Dhara and Gautam. Shiva gets happy hearing that and smiles seeing Raavi. It is shown that Shiva moves forward to kiss Raavi while a romantic song gets played in the background.

On another side, Dev slaps Shiva. He asks Shiva to actually go and kiss Raavi. Shiva feels people looking at him and gets tensed. Here, Suman gets a sprain while trying to break the lock. Suman cries in pain. Krish hears her scream and runs towards her and rushes her to the hospital. Undoubtedly, Star Plus serial Pandya Store is getting interesting every passing day. The viewers are showering love upon the stars and the actors altogether and this is the reason why the show is continuously keeping its place in the top shows. Follow for more updates!

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